Many people know that they need a will, living will and power of attorney, but don’t ever prepare one because, let’s face it, no one wants to think about death or serious illness. The last thing you want to do, though, is to get to that point and not have protected yourself and your family. Let me help you make sure your wishes are followed in the event you become seriously ill or pass away. I offer a Free Consultation to discuss these issues with you. In most cases, we prepare 4 separate documents for individuals that protect them and their family. These documents are discussed in more detail below.



This document is designed to make sure you have someone in charge of your affairs and your property once you pass away. This person is called an Executor or Executrix and will have the authority to bring your Last Will and Testament to Court for probate. The Court will give this person authority to sell, transfer or give away your property to whomever you direct in your will. This is why it is so important to make your wishes known before it is too late. Don’t leave your family guessing what you would have wanted or even fighting over what they think they deserve.



This document gives authority (or power of attorney) to another individual of your selection should you become unable to communicate your wishes. It is vital to choose someone you trust. This document gives power to this other person to transact matters in 13 basic areas that are listed in the Texas Statutes, such as banking, claims litigation, stock transfers, personal and family maintenance as well as real property transactions just to name a few. You can either choose to have the Statutory Power of Attorney become effective immediately or upon some subsequent disability or incapacity.



This document allows you to select either a single agent or a committee of agents to act on your behalf in making health care decisions for you if you should become unable to make your wishes known. It is very important to let these family members and friends know your wishes in advance so that they can relate them to the doctor and hospital should the time come.



This document allows you to make your wishes known as to your treatment if you have a terminal or irreversible condition. You may choose whether you wish to have life-sustaining treatment be given to you if you have one of these conditions or you can choose to discontinue or withhold any life-sustaining treatment, but allow the doctor to give you treatment in order to be comfortable and without pain.

I know it is difficult to think about these matters, but they are very important. Think of the stress and suffering your family will go through in the event that something happens. There needs to be some direction given by you as to your wishes. These four documents let your family, the Court and your doctors know exactly what you want to happen. Come meet with me for a Free Consultation to discuss how these documents may save you and your family any unwanted grief when the time comes for a decision as to your health or your property.

We are here to help you with these vital steps to prepare for the future. We offer a free confidential, no obligation consultation to discuss your personal situation. Please call 281-847-4345 for immediate assistance or send us a message.

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